• High Folks Edibles Team

History of infusing Cannabis

What exactly are edibles, and how did they come to be? Well, edibles are any food product that contains the active ingredient in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol – more commonly known as THC.

When you think of cannabis in food, what comes to mind? Brownies? Cookies? Gummies? The inclusion of cannabis into sweet treats is actually a rather modern phenomenon.

The process of infusing cannabis into food goes back a thousand years. The first recorded use of marijuana in food is in India, where Hindus would drink the cannabis-infused Bhang. Bhang was drunk for recreational, spiritual and medicinal purposes. It’s made out of milk, water, spices and cannabis leaves, and was especially consumed during the Hindu spring festival, Holi – a festival to celebrate the end of Winter, and the triumph of good over evil. You may know it as the festival where colourful powder is thrown around. The cannabis that was used in bhang was considered to be one of the five sacred plants in the Hindu religion. Cannabis was also used in 15th century China for tea.

The modern portrayal of cannabis used in confectionary was due to Alice. B Toklas, partner of renowned American novelist, Gertrude Stein. In Toklas’s cookbook, she included a recipe for “hashish fudge” which had almonds, nuts and dates rather than fudge. It was also considered a suitable refreshment for the Ladies Bridge Club!

Cannabis has been put in food for a millennia and is still used to this day for all sorts of purposes. We’ll leave you to decide whether it’s a suitable treat for your next bridge club meet…





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