About Us

We just love food!

High Folks Edibles is the brainchild of chef Michael Lawrence and has been a project in the making for a long time.
With over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry along with cooking cannabis-infused products, chef Michael felt that now is the time to bring both his passions together to create High Folks Edibles.
Michael studied catering at one of the UK's best catering schools and has worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants and venues in the United Kingdom and Canada. From the world’s First Mot Bar at Selfridges to head Chef at the Tower of London.
His culinary adventure, along with his family, brought him back to his hometown, Toronto, ON
Infusing food has always been a hobby of Michael's which he primarily did to assist a close friend who is quadriplegic.


He found that by making the oils he was able to help with the daily spasms and put him more at ease. 




"I know so many people experiencing pain in some form, who had no idea or the ability on how to infuse healthy foods, most of them felt forced to stick with modern medication prescribed by their doctors." 


"My take on food is easy, my take on cannabis-infused food is easier. I believe in fresh locally sourced foods that help people maintain a healthy body and mind balance, infusing food that I love with cannabis seems like the logical next step.

If I can help or teach one person a day to relive their pain I consider that a job is well done"


At High Folks, we would like to think we are not your average cookie because we do not solely focus on your run of the mill cookie. Our services cater to people with all types of dietary restrictions.   


 We aim to provide a  high standard of service for those who are not capable of preparing their own edibles and educating the people that are.




123 Queen Street West 

Suite 147, Toronto, ON